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NEW 12K SITE = END OF THE 12K BLOG March 15, 2010

Posted by taylor in Uncategorized.

tonight, around midnight (NY time) the new 12k site will go active. in this site is a NEWS section which will function in the same manner as this blog, yet be integrated into the site in a much nicer way (this blog is not integrated at all).

after today (if all goes well) please get your 12k news directly from our website as this blog will no longer be updated. it will, however, remain active as an archive and as we transfer the many years of posts into the new site.

thank you for all of your support since February 13th, 2006!



1. Hawái. - March 16, 2010

it’s a shame, but the new site looks good.
so, goodbye 12k blog.

best, p.

2. andrasawyer3162 - April 8, 2016

Thanks! This fixed my failed install process for W3 Total Cache on a LEMP system. Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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