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Lawrence English on Sound Proector

You’ve recently been in Russia with Ben Frost at “Electromechanica” festival in St.Petersburg and gave a concert in Moscow. Tell us about your impressions. Did you like Russia? What was interesting while you were in our country?

I found Russia an entirely curious place, quite different to other countries I have visited. I guess both Moscow and St Petersburg are vastly different cities – historically, socially, architecturally etc – but I did feel they shared a certain sense of pace.

It was inspired to see so many people at the concerts, we had the chance to meet people described ‘fanatics’, which was truly a pleasure. It was also good to see that there’s such a thriving community of artists, labels and promoters all working to bring about more awareness of this music. In Moscow we had a chance to talk with Dmitry, the label owner of Monochrome Vision, and he offered some great insights into what’s happening in Russia presently.

I guess for me one of the most interesting experiences was visiting a flea market some way outside St. Petersburg – it was quite a vision…. beautifully chaotic!



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