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Kane Ikin (one half of Solo Andata) really has put some graft in for the upcoming mix this Saturday at 7pm containing unreleased material and a killer track list…

Paul Fiocco (b. 1984) and Kane Ikin (b. 1982) live and work out of separate states in Australia. Solo Andata began in 2006 with their debut album Fyris Swan on Chicago label Hefty records. Paul lives in Perth, Western Australia, and is a graduate in philosophy. Kane lives in Melbourne, Victoria, and is a graduate in sound from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Solo Andata’s compositions are created through the collaboration of sound from organic materials, field recordings, and instruments. Their latest record was recorded in Perth, Melbourne, Yallingup, Mundaring, and New York between 2007 – 2009.

Track List:

Donato Wharton – The End of the American Century
Grouper – Invisible
Eduard Artemyev – Meditation (stalker)
Kevin Drumm – More Blood Than Guts –
Simon Scott – Spring Stars
Diane Cluck – Snake
Fennesz – Circassian
Joy Division – The Eternal
The Fun Years – My Lowville
Mogwai Remix – Drive
Solo Andata ( Ryuichi Sakamoto Remix) – Chorale (look for me here)
Jana Winderen – Live In Japan
Tomasz Bednarczyk – So
Svarte Greiner – Ocean Out Of Wood
Jonny Greenwood – Open Space
Paul Fiocco – Fingernails
Akira Soundtrack/Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Requiem
Fabulous Diamonds – Four
Taylor Duepree – Worn
Viktor Bermon – Unprepared
Solo Andata – Jetty On The Baltic (unreleased)
Solo Andata – Livid Walls Of Thought Possible (unreleased)
Kane Ikin – Atlantis Lost (unr


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