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ONE SOUND EACH DAY: DECEMBER 31 December 31, 2009

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the final sound of this year with a little bit of video. a beautiful, snowy december 31st here in Pound Ridge and one minute of audio composed with an old acoustic guitar, an ebow, and an electro harmonix looping box. this One Sound Each Day project has been a lot more difficult than ever imagined it would be, but i felt that i discovered and appreciated everyday sounds in a totally new way throughout the year. i hope the quiet and often mundane sounds of my every day life have inspired you to listen more closely around your everyday as well.

Pound Ridge, NY 3:39pm

(because video can not be easily embedded into WordPress (at least not that i know of, unless you pay $60, please follow this link for the final sound and video)

DECEMBER 31, 2009



1. unrecnow - December 31, 2009

thank you so much for seeing your one sound each day through to the end. it’s been quite a treat.

2. 12k - January 1, 2010

thank you, marcus. your site, and daily creativity should be a benchmark to which all such projects are measured.

3. gcast85 - February 16, 2010

great stuff! thanks for your perseverance!

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