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Hey everyone!

2009 has been a busy year with plenty happening with seaworthy. There is just one more ‘proper’ seaworthy show to go this year before a lengthy break to concentrate on a couple of pretty exciting recording projects.

Seaworthy + M.Rösner. Sunday 25 October. Bohemian Grove. Performances are 6:30pm doors for a 7pm start. The cover is $10 / donation. Please feel free to invite your friends to come but please don’t broadcast or post details on the web for the authorities to find (they are squares). Email for further details/directions. seaworthy@ozemail.com.au

Seaworthy will be playing with Western Australia’s M.Rösner who, after a 3 year break between albums, releases “repeat” on limited edition 12” vinyl through UK label Miatera. Inspired by Morton Feldman, cycles and patterns and the ocean, “repeat” was built from recordings of vocals, piano, processed guitar and max/mxp. Perth based M.Rösner has had albums released on influencial Australian and overseas labels including Room40 and Apestaartje. Seaworthy recently played a sell out show with M.Rösner in Perth and it was a special night, please don’t miss the chance to catch this amazing musician in Sydney. For more info see http://www.pablodali.net/

The release of 1897 (http://www.12k.com/1053.html) has kept seaworthy busy with a national tour including shows with a diverse range of artists including Grouper (US), Tiny Vipers (US), The Middle East, Lawrence English, Charge Group, Pimmon, Solo Andata, Amplifier Machine, Knitted Abyss and lots more. Thanks to everyone who has come along to shows and bought copies of the CD. A stack of great reviews too so if you’re interested, check out the link to 12k. Copies are still available from 12k too pretty good value as well given the US dollar is tanking at the moment…around AUS$20 including shipping! (check out other great 12k releases from solo andata and pillowdiver too.

Also, the collaborative CD, Near and Faraway, featuring Seaworthy alongside Berlin-based-Itallian sound artist Fabio Orsi is out now on Low Point. Order direct from the label – its around AUS$20 including shipping. We’ve been getting some great reviews too. “this one was pure Seaworthy, with long, slow, echoing, seemingly improvised clouds of flaked guitar hanging in the air like morning fog” Mapsadasical. “a beautiful, rich & often harmonic example of how to weave perfect, compelling & timeless ambience” Music Machine. This has been selling out quickly from online retailers so don’t snooze. I’ll have a small number fo copies for sale at the Bohemian Grove show.

Hope to catch you at soon!






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