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ONE SOUND EACH DAY: AUGUST 17-20 August 20, 2009

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ok, wanted to get the Santa Fe trip sounds all up and in their own post before continuing on. waiting for me when i returned from the trip was a wonderful Eventide Eclipse effects processor i bought on eBay while i was away… did some playing with it right away.

Pound Ridge, NY, 11am

first experiment with the Eclipse. didn’t realize it was a looping algorithm. i was playing a guitar through it and then realized this wonderful jumble of sound was actually looping. very nice.

Pound Ridge, NY, morning

some more Eclipse. this one a bit more raw and sparse. just noodling around.

Pound Ridge, NY, around 3:40pm

more ukelele… sort of like the imperfections of this progression and my less-than-stellar playing.

Pound Ridge, NY, 10:49pm

we try to avoid it, but sometimes we can’t, especially when it’s 85 degrees in the house this late at night. this is the sound of the HVAC cooling system in the utility closet at home…. yes, air conditioning… the sound of relief.



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