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Pillowdiver’s René Margraff is the latest to succumb to Tokafi’s “15 Questions.” you can read the full article here.


“I guess the tracks that I released on ‘sleeping pills’ are more structured than other releases within this field of music”, René Margraff says, “this is something that I am aware of and that I cannot change too easily.” Then again – why should he? Infusing a genre relyingforemost on timbre and harmony with a healthy dose of compositional zest and subtle thematic development is certainly what continues to make his releases stand out. After mainly working under the Ckid moniker since the beginning of the new decade and building a sizable discography mostly through renowned netlabels, Margraff is now back with new project called Pillowdiver, dealing with brittle and intimate soundscapes. Even though the same could have been said about Ckid, not everything has remained the same. While his former solo outfit combined dense, dreamy atmospheres with metalically ringing percussion and hushed vocals, Pillowdiver zooms in on the nanostructures of these textures, replacing rhythm with a field of interconnected field recordings bound by a mysterious magnetism: Minimal melodies rise up from a well of brooding tranquility, slowly expand along the shoreline of nocturnal drones and then gradually lapse back into silence. What has remained, however, despite the notable absence of Margraff’s voice, is the songwriting character of these tracks, whose melancholic lyricism needs no words to tell a story. Which is why, even though it doesn’t move mountains, “Sleeping Pills” has turned out a work which appears set to last a lot longer than several of its counterparts from the scene which are often all too closely focused on beauty for beauty’s sake. “I cannot improvise alone with myself, I guess I would need input from other people to change”, Margraff notes in our interview. While creative input may be a good thing most of the times, let’s just say that – purely from an artistic point of view – we wouldn’t mind if he stayed alone in his studio for the next Pillowdiver full-length.



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