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Spekk really is one of those labels that you can rely on every single time. Having loved and enjoyed the entire catalogue right the way back to the first release from Taylor it’s pleasing to finally have another full albums worth of material from the man himself. However, this is a collaborative work with another artist of the highest calibre, Stephan Mathieu. Between them they’ve conjured up an utterly engrossing selection of thematically focused music that’s as beautiful as you’d hope. With Mathieu providing sound sources that range from 78rpm records, wax cylinders and pianos and Deupree crafting his wares with guitars, synths and processing I imagine you’ll have a fairly good idea of where this is headed. Sculpted, entrancing, light and airy organic works with such a lovely human touch, that’s expertly tempered by a more electronic feel. At times this is out and out melodic and at others it delves into deeper, darker territory. They’re both really at home with the way the tracks flow and, even though I’d really hesitate to announce this as being drone, I have to acknowledge that there’s definitely an influence in there. But this is less static and almost, in a bizarre contemporary kind of way, poppy – that is to say you can hear the songs in there but they’re always completely tangible… it’s more of a feeling and an atmosphere than anything else. Spekk delivers once again and shows that it’s still up there when releasing contemporary electronic music. For fans of either artist or the label you’ll be unsurprised to hear that I’m considering this a totally essential release. Gorgeous stuff.



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