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One of the great and strange misunderstandings about Lawrence English is that he is the type of sound artist who will churn out albums by the truckloads. The adjective „prolific“ certainly seems out of place for someone whose discography has mostly grown by the moderate pace of about two releases per year. Part of this restraint is, of course, down to the sheer diversity of his activities. Next to his compositional duties, English runs the Room40 imprint (whose publications are currently professionally distributed in a whopping 17 countries worldwide), performs live anywhere from China to France and curates gigs and various arts-related events in his native Australia. From time to time, he will also pick up his pen and inform like-minded enthusiasts about the rich and colourful world of experimental music for magazines like The Wire or Cyclic Defrost in clear and down-to-earth prose. All of this has made him a hot contender for the position of „hardest working man in sound art“ – not necessarily the most coveted award around, but certainly one which would do justice to the inspiring diligence marking his trajectory. With regards to his own catalogue as a solo musician, however, English has focused on quality and detail, preferring to refine and perfect a particular vision over time instead of just blindly following his instincts…..



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