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ONE SOUND EACH DAY: MAY 8-11, San Francisco May 12, 2009

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i’m not sure what happened to the recording on May 7th… perhaps i didn’t make one.. but i’m almost positive i did. at any rate, here are the last 4 days, just got back from San Francisco.


somewhere over Nevada, around 5pm, local

on board Delta Airlines to San Francisco. meaningless passenger chatter and engine ambience.

San Francisco, CA, sometime between 11pm and midnight.

in Sound Arts studio with Christopher Willits. a night of improvising to hard disc to get fodder for our forthcoming collaboration. i was using a Nord Lead 3 and the nice sinewave pad i had created was lost…

MAY 10
San Francisco, CA, around 3:00pm.

a lesson learned not to carry a mobile phone in the same pocket as the digital recorder. phone interference ruined what would have been a nice recording at a playground… hoping the children would have gone back to the mallet instrument though.

MAY 11
San Francisco, CA, 9:52am.

Powell St BART station waiting for SFO train to airport. the recording after the announcement at the beginning is incredibly spooky. i love it.



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