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ONE SOUND EACH DAY: APRIL 25-30 May 1, 2009

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Pound Ridge, NY, 9:14pm

close-up mic of an external 1TB hard drive writing files i’m archiving. thump/click is the hard drive, noisefloor is the laptop fan/noise.

Wesport, CT, around 3:30pm

unseasonably hot day, so we spent it at the beach.

strong>APRIL 27
Pound Ridge, NY, 2:46am

woken up in the wee hours of the morning by two raccoons in the tree outside the bedroom. not sure if they were playing, mating, fighting… before this recording they were on the ground in what seemed like a vicious fight. it was too dark to see anything except for the silhouettes once they went up into the tree.

strong>APRIL 28
Pound Ridge, NY, 8:00am

early morning birds.

strong>APRIL 29
New Canaan, CT, 7:40pm

in a restaurant for dinner. a walk from the bathroom back down to the table. i like the morphing of music, into music, into crowd.

strong>APRIL 30
New Canaan, CT, around 2:30pm

a minute and 23 seconds of being alone in Philip Johnson’s Glass House. trying to make as little noise as possible… as it should be. then walking to the two doors, closing them, and leaving. one of the best minutes i’ve ever spent on my birthday.



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