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2065 Taylor Deupree 7" Glued Sleeve


Marking major departures both for 12k and its owner, Taylor Deupree, this 7″ is the label’s inaugural vinyl release (the first in a forthcoming series on the format) and a clear step away from digital music for the renowned microsound exponent. These two pieces came about from pottering around on a rainy day with some loop pedals and a collection of instruments including acoustic guitar, kalimba, and bells. Deupree explains: “Pixel, one of my cats, was sleeping next to me as I began to create a warm bed of drones and small noises in an attempt to warm the room and my spirits.” As it so happens, the cat in question does actually contribute to these pieces, lending a wheezy snore to the music, immediately bringing to mind the reposeful feel of a Bagpuss episode coming to a close. Deupree’s instrumental contributions are incredibly restrained, typically focusing on the minutiae of the timbres involved, only snatching at suggestions of melody rather than going all out for conventional musical cogency. If any single constituent is the primary focal point for this music its the deep, thick atmospheric hiss that permeates every fibre of the clear vinyl onto which its pressed. You can most assuredly hear a difference between this music and Deupree’s main thread of work (for a great recent example of which you can take a listen to the new digital issue of his Sea Last composition), but almost regardless of the subject matter or content of a recording his instincts seem to be hardwired into looking beyond the surface of any sound he works with, and so it should come as no surprise that despite spurning digital tools in favour of realtime and organic means, for this vinyl outing the infinitesimally detailed musical approach remains firmly grounded within the established, beautifully abstract Taylor Deupree soundworld – and that should be regarded as a very good thing indeed. Get one while you can…



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