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2065 Taylor Deupree 7" Glued Sleeve

very few (OK, two) copies of Weather & Worn were sent out for review. Thank you to Vital Weekly for this one.

Always in for a surprise, our Taylor Deupree. With this 7″ he announces a series of 7″ releases for 12K, and its the first vinyl on 12K ever. Perhaps your initial thought would be the same as for me: is the kind of music normally produced on 12K the kind of music that should go to vinyl? I don’t think so, but these two lovely pieces, exactly four minutes each, proof me wrong. Deupree uses here acoustic instruments and looping devices and is away from the computer. He creates two little drone pieces. The drones form the hot bed for the sounds to sleep in, be conformting and cosy. Initimate music and two pieces that fit underfully well on vinyl. Relaxing music of which the only problem might be that it is a bit short. That is the disadvantage of a vinyl of course. (FdW)



1. unrecnow - April 23, 2009

I just ordered one. i’m excited at the prospect of more 12k vinyl.
i’m glad i was able to get one before they were all gone.

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