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ONE SOUND EACH DAY: APRIL 16-20 April 20, 2009

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ok, i really need to find the time to post these sounds every day or two.. instead of every 4 or 5 days… apologies.

Pound Ridge, NY between 9 and 10pm

i never get tired of the late night spring (or summer) sounds around here. as you will hear, the forest really becomes alive in as it gets closer to summer.

Pound Ridge, NY 12:40pm

turning out the exterior water pipes after a cold winter. this is the sound of spraying the hose in the yard.

Pound Ridge, NY about 5:30pm

during a youth baseball game at the town park. something really great about the natural reverb of this one.

Ridgefield, CT, 7pm

a musical toy in a public park/playground. rubber mallet on glock-type bars. some nice ringing. trying to also capture the sliding of the cable attached to the mallet. the sound around 20 seconds is a wheel filled with beans (?) that turns and makes shaker/rainstick sounds.

New York, NY, around 2:15pm

walking down Madison Ave in the pouring rain. also, after listening to this recording, the last time i will ever use the Limiter on the Tascam recorder. similar to the ocean recording from a few days ago, the limiter is anything but transparent… really kicks in horrible pumping artifacts. destroyed this recording… although, there were heavy winds which blew the levels out a lot. still, not the nicest limiter.



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