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The sound work Lichtung is the original score for a dance solo by choreographers Antoine Effroy and Anne Rudelbach and performed by Catherine Jodoin. The performance premiered on March 26, 2008 at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany.

The concept of the dance performance was to begin from a unique situation and sustain this physical state as long as possible. By adding unique and non-repetitive movements, the choreography slowly evolves, starting at the back of the stage and gradually moving towards the front, as if by zooming inward. The sound follows this evolution or curve, not necessarily in volume, but rather by changes in density and speed to accompany the performer’s phrase changes.

Lichtung was written and composed in Brussels, Belgium and Hamburg, Germany by Yves De Mey.
Photo: Yves De Mey, 2008.
Thank you: Anne and Antoine, Catherine, Peter Van Hoesen, Richard Chartier
Mastered by Bo Kondren at Calyx (Berlin)

Already at a very early age, Yves De Mey (born 1972) became interested in electronic and/or experimental music. After a few unsuccesful years in film school, he decided to turn his early interest into his profession and started working as sound engineer and sound designer. Very soon his work found its way into the field of contemporary theatre, dance and performance.

Essential to De Mey’s work is the dramaturgy of sound, often combined with research in change of perception through spatialized sound or music. His music has a strong focus on filmic qualities with the tendency to suggest a minimalist composition, allowing sounds to find their place and evolve over time. Every single bit of the composition organically changes throughout the layout by gentle analog and digital manipulation. In live situations, De Mey preferes to improvise, looking for happy accidents.

Besides his performing arts activities, he’s been releasing music on different labels, often in more accesible styles, but always based on a strong interest for non-conventional sounds. De Mey continues to work on a series of site-specific sound installations, investigating space and processes of technical and human decay.

Yves De Mey often works together live or in studio with Christoph De Boeck/Audiostore and Peter Van Hoesen. He shared stage with such noted artists as Kaffe Matthews, Christian Fennesz, Alex Waterman, and Bo Wiget.

De Mey lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.



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