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Lawrence English recently sat down with Australia’s Rave Magazine to talk about his new work for 12k.


asting an eye over the early autumn rain, ANDREW TUTTLE catches up with Room 40’s LAWRENCE ENGLISH prior to his seasonally affected album launch.

Since the turn of the decade, Brisbane sound artist, label head, writer and curator Lawrence English has compiled a consistent selection of works on his Room 40 imprint and other labels around the world. Primarily working with experimental and electronic processes, English’s output to date has blurred boundaries between harmonic and dissonant sound art.

A prolific sound artist in both solo and collaborative formats, English’s most recent release is A Colour For Autumn, out now on the 12k label from New York. The second of a series of recordings based on the seasons of the year, A Colour For Autumn is English’s personal reflection on the shifting dynamics of autumn; created through a series of shimmering drones, warm melodies and contemplative sound processing and also featuring cameos from Christian Fennesz and Dean Roberts.

“Autumn for me is represented in a number of ways on this record. Some of the more static pieces really reflect on those crisp mornings we get here as autumn – the stillness of the air, that sense of crisp air in your lungs (and) also that special hue we get in the skies too – just lovely. Some of the other pieces reflect on that Japanese idea of Autumn – multi layered colours in the mountains, various leaf litter underfoot and the sound of coats rustling. For me these records are almost like audio postcards – a reading of time and space reinterpreted through sound … almost like revisited memory.”

English further explains that he prefers to work within specified constraints on his recorded works, providing an opportunity to create sounds within a framework that requires both a considerable amount of flexibility and a strong sense of patience and discipline.

“I think every record I have ever undertaken has a thematic, aesthetic or conceptual basis. I tend to enjoy working on ideas and concepts – they fuel my interest greatly. I’d feel awfully hollow writing songs about my life I’d dare say…so exploring themes and concept fulfils me in that regard.”

English launches A Colour For Autumn this Saturday evening at the Judith Wright Centre, as part of a double launch spectacular with drone-noise-rock duo No Anchor, who are unleashing their brutal opus Steam. The second dual launch for both acts in under a year, English enthuses that this limited capacity event is not to be missed.

“I really like Alex and Ian’s work together – I think they’re relentlessly exploring some interesting dense sonic turf. Having Heinz [Riegler, formerly of Not From There and Nightstick] on the bill this time is a real treat as well. His new solo work is amongst the best songwriting I’ve heard in many years. I can’t wait for him to have an LP ready. [Also] I’ll be performing with a film from Makino Takashi – I’m working on the soundtrack to his latest film, and this will be the first collaboration we’re undertaking. I think his work is just incredibly rich and compelling!”



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