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ONE SOUND EACH DAY: MARCH 1-4 March 4, 2009

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Pound Ridge, NY (?), ?

well, march did not start off right for this project. the first 2 days i made recordings and didn’t realize the record level was all the way down on my recorder so.. i recorded nothing. strangely enough.. “nothing” on this recorder has quite a noise floor.. so i amplified it and we have some lovely noise.

somewhere in Connecticut, ?

day two of nothing’s noise.

Pound Ridge, NY, 11pm

OK, back on track here. this is a locked groove that i had cut when i was re-cutting the “weather & worn” 7″ today. i had Dietrich, my friend doing the lacquer cuts, test out a lock groove. this lock groove exists only on a single test lacquer that i have and will not be on the final record.

Pound Ridge, NY, sometime before 10pm

one of my favorite sounds… running a finger around a wine glass. amazing that it makes such a sound.. and the way it fills a room.. not at all captured in this recording. what we’ve got here is pretty much a sine wave somewhere between 500 and 600hz. my finger was moving very slowly around the rim of the wine glass. it was mostly empty… a sip of chardonnay left.



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