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late last year 12k was contacted by a distributor in Poland called Hardline. they seemed nice enough and eager to carry 12k and get some exposure in their area. They proceeded to order $3600+ worth of CDs.. and we shipped them to them… only to find shortly after that they can no longer be contacted, and our hopes of ever seeing those CDs or payment are long gone.

assholes like this really hurt small labels like 12k and, well, labels in general. $3600 worth of merchandise is a lot to lose. that kind of money can fund a couple of releases and only makes it harder for us to put stuff out.

if anyone out there has any contact with “hardline” please let us know.. and for other labels, or artists, or buyers out there.. avoid them at all costs.



1. crtgr - February 28, 2009

oh man…that’s a real shame, taylor. hopefully you can track these guys down and retrieve your merch…or at least get some of that capital back.

2. 99vadim - March 8, 2009

What a hideous theft… Being a Polish resident, I’m feeling totally ashamed for these people. If I could be of any help, please do let me know.

3. mvinfo - November 1, 2010

With Monochrome Vision productions, I was also hurted by this guy. The same story – lot of CDs ordered, nothing paid.

His address is:

c/o Jacek Janda
Kopernika 6 mieszkania 3
39-400 Tarnobrzeg

4. admusic - January 6, 2011

Someone in the music biz in Poland must know where these b*****s are? We got a contract from them, but waited because I wanted out main distributor to check them out. So fortunately for us, we didn’t get caught. But the lesson is in this day and age – don’t do consignment in pl;aces where you don’t have direct contact or any control!

5. becgn - July 9, 2011

With Heaven and Earth productions, I was also hurted by Hardline. The same story – lot of CDs ordered, nothing paid.
As far as we found out, Jacek Janda moved in the beginning of October 2008 to Ukraine…

6. Janusz Mucha - July 11, 2016

Hello,I have just found, that he has started a new company – salutis, with cd-shop http://www.cdbook.pl
His name in emails is Henryk Krajniczyn, but the company is regsitered to Jacek Janda (since January 2016) with the old address for corespondence and another one of the shop. He is trying now to contact another labels again.

7. Janusz Mucha - July 11, 2016

and here is his profile on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jandajacek

8. Margaret Davis - August 11, 2016

Thank you for the info — now we know what happened. We shipped $1600 worth of CDs to Henryk Krajniczyn of Salutis Distribution, and now he won’t answer any of our emails.

Margaret Davis - August 11, 2016

I’m co-owner of Flowinglass Music.

9. Margaret Davis - August 12, 2016

CDbook.pl has a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cdbookonline/

10. Peter Guschelbauer - October 11, 2016

the same happened to me, I sent Henryk CDs for 6.400,00 Euro from my label Alessa Records and get no answer anymore, but I saw that he is selling the CDs online. I sent him today a last email, in case he does not answer I will give everything to my lawer. Peter Guschelbauer

11. Bert de Ruiter - January 4, 2017

Sad to read all this. I am a victim too. My company Cavalier Music Management shipped and invoiced just over € 3800 worth of CD’s and DVD’s to Salutis. Henryk confirmed receipt of the goods and that was the last thing I saw or heard. No response anymore on anything and obviously no payment either!

12. Janusz Mucha - January 4, 2017

I have checked today his shop cdbook.pl – t’s total sale, almost all CDs for 1 or 2 Euro, – and the information, that he is changing the line of business (that’s the reason for big sale), so probably now he will trade in other things and cheat other companies.

13. mvinfo - January 4, 2017

Actual FB page of this guy:
there is even his photo! and some “common friends” )
Hope that there is someone who recognize him there.

14. Colin Booth - January 14, 2017

I’ve been done by this git too. Only to the tune of some hundreds of pounds worth, but I do wish there was some way we could put a stop to this criminal. Anyone know someone in Polish law-enforcement?
Colin Booth (UK)

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