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PJUSK INTERVIEW January 26, 2009

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We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik, one half of Norwegian electronica projects, Pjusk and Circular, and formerly also part of Neural Network. With both Pjusk and Circular with new albums in the making, we got to hear some of Jostein’s thoughts on the music scene, working in projects and his motivation for being a musician.

Jostein, what got you into music-making and how and when did you start out?

I started out the same way many other electronica artists start – by using trackers (around 1988). Soundtracker on the Commodore Amiga was first musical playground, although I have to admit that I used to be extremely fascinated by the 64 SID-chip. I never created any music using the 64, but I loved listening to tracks created by Rob Hubbard in particular. But the one who actually got me into MIDI, synths and samplers, was my tracker-buddy and friend Oddgeir Hvidsten (ed. Motion Control). We created many tunes together on the Amiga and although I by then had some first-hand knowledge of synthesizers, he bodly suggested that we should ditch the tracker and start creating music using MIDI-sequencers instead. And voila – Neural Network was born. I quite vividly remember purchasing our first synths, a Roland JV-80 and a Roland JV-30 and trying to find out everything we could with regards to synth tech and how we could use them. I still have the first track we created together using a Roland S10 sampler and our JVs on my HD.

Do you have some influences you would like to share with us?

At the same time I guess I started investigating more well-kown artists such as Jarre, Vangelis and Kitaro. I won’t say they are influencial at present, but from time to time I still listen to Jarre’s “Oxygene” and some old Vangelis tracks. The “Bladerunner” track is magnificicent – lots of mood and atmosphere – and that fabulous Yamaha CS-80 of his – pure silk.

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