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ok.. having tired of this whole “controversy” (it’s not really that controversal, is it?) within 24 hours…

let me just put it to rest by saying my initial surprise over this whole thing was from a graphic design point of view… that perhaps Sugimoto himself, being aware of our cover, or U2’s designer could (maybe) have suggested a different photograph or perhaps a different layout direction. at least, that’s my opinion, coming as a graphic designer myself.. i try not to design things that are too close to something else out there (if that’s possible).

i never suggested there was any LEGAL issue here (both parties had legal permission).. so put those comments to rest.. and please, if you want to read more read BOTH SIDES of the arguments in the thread below. there are valid points made on both sides.

this minor ordeal has become more a question of a project that was small, intimate and experimental (and the chance of a lifetime for a small artist) vs. the massive pop culture machine. in the end we all know who wins. so i’m going to shut up now.

PS: commenting has been closed as i don’t want to drive an abnormal amount of traffic to the blog.

PPS: not once have i mentioned “copyright” as an issue. it’s absolutely not an issue. as i stated in the comments on the other post, i assume U2 had permission to use this photo. as did we. there is no legal issue here.

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