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LIVE1: MAPPING REVIEW January 13, 2009

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Interesting and in some way unexpected digital-only release by label 12k consists of a series of live performances by Taylor Deupree – one of the most prominent representatives of ambient scene. This release wasn’t realized on physical media, available only in mp3 and flac files on net musical shops by moderate price. It emphasizes easiness and freedom of this release – as if we were by chance proposed to have a trip through land districts, where the musician had his performances. Some kind of a map of these places (evidently, the title of this live collection ‘Mapping’ was chosen not by chance).

It seems that Deupree’s main task is to raise the listeners over the earth; their bodies stay at the same place, though their consciousness rises higher and starts soaring above the planet’s surface. Dividing this music into separate components, each time you discover the viscous, smeared hypnotic sound backing. It’s easy to slip on it and fall into the arms of lulling shroud of sounds, feel the draught that will slightly tear connection between mental and physical layers of any individual. While live concerts this feature shows itself most of all – composition is less concretized, sound gradients are more slow and at the same time less predictable… While listening to Live1: Mapping you can relax and start doing some simple things, yield to the free fly of mind.
Judging from the number ‘1’ in the title, we can wait for a series of similar releases, possibly sorted according to the subject area and style of sounding. Well, we’ll see… That would be rather interesting…



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