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ONE SOUND EACH DAY: JANUARY 9 + 10 January 10, 2009

Posted by taylor in Uncategorized.

JANUARY 9, 2009,
Brooklyn, around 8pm

walking to the Great Lake Swimmers concert on 7th street. the sound of a light humming.

JANUARY 10, 2009,
Brooklyn, around 1am

leaving the Great Lake Swimmers concert. walking up 7th street towards the car.



1. gurdonark - January 11, 2009

Are these sounds Creative Commons? It would be great if they are Creative Commons attribution, so that they can be used and sampled in other songs and sounds.

robert, who records as gurdonark

2. 12k - January 11, 2009

yes… they are.. although, i haven’t announced that officially yet (no time!) but i will… feel free to go ahead and use them for your own work…

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