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“MAY” ON VITAL WEEKLY December 9, 2008

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Side by side at the piano – that reminds me of that dreadful song McCartney once recorded with herr Wonder, but thank god in the future I will also be reminded of Taylor Deupree and Kenneth Kirschner. On May 9 of this year they sat side by side at the grand piano – each played the piano, each transforming the sound: Deupree the inside of the piano and Kirschner the keys. On top they played the piano. The interesting thing of course here is the fact that this is a live recording. This means more notes per minute. Whereas in the studio of them (solo), sparseness is one of the greater virtues and sometimes nothing much seems to be happening – and this I mean in a positive way – things here are much more ‘lively’ with more ‘action’. Having said that, this is of course not an album of ‘fast’ music, or ‘noise’. It still has that fine trademark of both Deupree and Kirschner: lots of sound moving into free space, with minimalist changes – but the changes occur quicker than before. Great weightless space music – sparse tones, humming drones, this is an excellent work of microsound meets improv meets minimalism.

you can get it here



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