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thanks to everyone who came out to the show saturday night, and especially to Hammock for the invitation. Hammock’s sets were fantastic… i, on the other hand, was forced to deal with the loud crowd eating dinner and the annoying people behind me who looked way too much like art-dealer-wannabees out looking for “cutting edge” music on a weekend night. glad they found Monkeytown… but the should learn to shut the fuck up when someone is playing quiet music!




1. azoetrope - December 1, 2008

hi taylor
i was there (at 22:30 set) and i found myself ashamed of the ‘youngsters’ behind you. and really i didn’t understand how they served food during the show.
anyway both you and hammock where just great!
hammock were a discovery for me, i didn’t know them and finally i listened to them twice in a row: first with stars of the lid on friday at poisson rouge and then on saturday with you. lucky holidays!
well, let me say that actually your performance seemed way too short for me…
btw i took some pics. i’ll warn when uploaded to flickr.

ps: when are you coming to barcelona again?

2. 12k - December 1, 2008

thanks… glad you enjoyed the show..

no plans for a performance in barcelona.. but may be there on vacation in april.. although, i will likely try to set up a show then…

yes, please let me know when you have some photos online. thanks

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