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NEW AUTISTICI TRACK September 24, 2008

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ok, it’s not 12k.. but it is 12rec… Autistici has a new track that’s available on the compilation Through the Mirror: adcBicycle Revisioned. it’s a free download, and described as:

adcBicycle is Matt Chisholm from Ottawa, Canada. Matt had an EP on Kikapu (RIP) back in 2006 which was on heavy rotation in my player. After finishing his new album one year later, Matt decided not to release it. He got in contact with a bunch of artists he is friends with or fan of, asking them to revisionize his tunes. We are proud to publish this versatile compilation album of boundless and blissful Pop music!

The fun starts with a dizzy electro rap-track by umami from Seattle. allthatfall from New Orleans then add his idea modern up-tempo Pop in a indietronic outfit while Albatrocity of Kansas goes for the Folk- and vocal-harmonies in Matt’s music. In his Fell disguise, Seattle sound engineer John McCaig guides adcBicycle into his echo chamber and delivers a steel drum-driven piece of enthralling electro dub. Five is zanf (UK) with damped trumpet and a thousand pounding drums. Roughly divided into two parts, the poppy one is capped by Wisconsin He Can Jog’s magnificent adaptation of the bicycle music.

Scotland based Wii wizard The Amazing Rolo opens the second part with a playful remix. Afterwards, map~map (Portland, USA) takes you on a smooth boat ride with chimes and processed guitars before it is North Carolina’s Chimp Logic who sends adcBicycle into space and beyond. UK all-rounder Autistici delivers an amorphous track between field recordings and live-processing and, finally, Portland shoegazer The OO-Ray proves his mastership in mighty cello drones. Lean and boneless beauty overall. You don’t want to miss this record.

you can get it here.



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