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savvas in "the sleeping morning" sessions

in this month of september, 2 very talented artists will be visiting my studio to work on music.

first, we see the first ever pairing of myself with Shuttle358’s Dan Abrams. this work will start next week and we’re very exited about it. Dan has been part of 12k nearly since the beginning, so it’s only natural that we finally put our heads together and create something.

secondly, as people have hoped, Savvas Ysatis will be here again and we’ll be recording our follow-up to last year’s “The Sleeping Morning”.

i will keep you posted with pics and updates.



1. Hawái. - September 10, 2008

If you like Neil Halstead, I guess you like Nick Drake too. Their voices are very similar. You could try to make that kind of music, maybe with Savvas Ysatis. You have to do more vocal tracks, definitively.

2. 12k - September 10, 2008

i like drake’s “pink moon” for sure. doesn’t have the space that neil halstead captures… but, certainly influential. not a big fan of his other works… a bit too dramatic.

when savvas is here in a few weeks… we’ll see what happens.

always a surprise for us.

3. sawako - September 11, 2008

Shuttle358 . . . ! will he play in NYC ?
really curious and looking forward to listening the result * * *

4. 12k - September 11, 2008

unfortunately, no.. he’s just here for a few days… and we’ll be recording..

5. Hawái. - September 12, 2008

I’m not sure what you mean. Of course they are not the same, especially the lyrics. Maybe I’m wrong, but Halstead just describe what happens, and yeah, Drake is dramatic.
Sometimes I prefer Mojave 3. Anyway, yesterday I was listening ‘blue skied an’ clear’, and mum’s cover (‘Machine Gun’) was great.

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