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so… these last couple weeks in august are quite. people are away, hopefully relaxing and hopefully gearing up for a productive autumn. at least that’s what i’m doing.

starting in september there is a long line of amazing 12k releases scheduled that looks something like this…

12k2011 – Taylor Deupree “Sea Last”
after an enormous amount of work, this project is ready and will be available for order in about a week or two from now. it’s a book and mini-cd and probably, personally, one of the most important things i’ve done.

12k1049 – Amplifier Machine “Her Mouth Is An Outlaw”
australian trio with a penchant for slightly distorted ambient post-rock… different for 12k.. in a way.

12k1050 – Kenneth Kirschner “Filaments + Voids”
watch out. not only is this double cd by Kirschner the best thing he’s ever done… it’s long and it’s slow and it’s challenging (because it’s long and slow). give it time. listen to it from start to finish and you’ll be blown away.

12K1051(?) – Stephan Mathieu TBD
this is another double cd by one of my personal favorite artists. this time it’s a joint double release by both 12k and LINE… similar to the TWO POINT TWO compilation and BETWEEN TWO POINTS before it.

12k1052(?) – Lawrence English TBD
fresh from his release on Touch, Mr. English gives 12k a sublime and smooth tonal piece.

in addition to these there are 3 new artists in the pipeline… with exact release dates not set… Tomasz Bednarczyk, from Poland, who creates lovely, textured, and very personal sounding music. another artist from france in the guitar/post/gaze….. sound… and a duo from Japan who utilizes mostly acoustic instruments along with drums and vocals.

as if this wasn’t enough… the briliant Seaworthy as a follow-up coming and there are a few more ideas floating around in the ether.

it’s going to be an amazing autumn and winter.



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