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Igloo Magazine has an interview with me online now.


the interview was transcribed from a radio interview i did with Solopsistic Nation and aired on the radio around the country.

you can download the radio interview


07.27.08) Taylor Deupree is the founder of the 12k music label. 12k is an independent boutique label that showcases artists who specialize in experimental electronic music. To date, 12k has released over 50 CDs since the label’s inception in 1997 and 40 CDs on 12k’s sub-label, LINE. Due to the caliber of music Taylor offers 12k has become one of the most respected experimental electronic labels in the world. Each album from 12k is a special and made even more unique by Taylor’s insistence that he only releases 1000 copies of each CD.
I think that 12k puts out some of the most beautiful electronic music I’ve ever heard. Since most of the albums on 12k are quiet things I’ve come to enjoy how the sounds of the environment I’m in when I listen to 12k releases become part of the music while the music colors my perceptions of the environment I’m in. It’s a sublime experience.

Igloo :: You founded 12k in 1997 and the label focuses on experimental electronic music with such artists as Tetsu Inoue, Ghislain Poirier and Richard Chartier. You’ve been involved with the electronic music scene as early as 1993 with Prototype 909 and Human Mesh Dance. What lead to your decision to launch 12k Records?

Taylor Deupree :: It was in ’95 or ’96. I had a deal with Silent Records and they basically just never did anything. It took months and months and probably close to a year. I had a finished album and Silent just wasn’t doing anything so I said “Screw this, I’m gonna start my own label.” I didn’t really have a plan, at first. It was basically just to get this album out that I had waiting around and used my experience at working at Instinct, which I did for a number of years. Sort of learned how to run a label and how not to run a label. I had no idea what was going to happen but I’m really glad I did it because 12k has really been the center of life for just about 12 years now.

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1. jeremybible - August 1, 2008

Great incite full interview…inspiring. Funny… I probably would have sad the same thing about Cicadas and Frogs as some of my favorite sounds had I been asked…especially within the realm of nature sounds. Other sounds I really love are from getting close up recordings of really quiet mechanics and magnifying them as well.
On the subject of children…I am really surprised at how much my now 8 year old daughter has embraced music over the years. She often requests specific releases to play in her room when she goes to sleep. Allot of 12k/Line and Infraction stuff. Kids are awesome!

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