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sorry.. WordPress doesn’t recognize character returns anymore.. so it’s become very difficult to make coherent posts.. i’m trying to figure it out.. and fix the Jodi Cave post below..!  


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JODI CAVE will be headed around Europe for some dates in February…. just a week away. check him out:

Feb 07 | Zurich, Switzerland | Kunstraum Walcheturm

Feb 09 | Bordeaux, France | Aposiopese

Feb 11 | Paris, France | La Cave St Sauveur

Feb 14 | Berlin, Germany | Electronic Church

Feb 16 | Differdange – Luxembourg | Autre Part

THURSDAY UPDATE January 31, 2008

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been a very busy 2 weeks and realized i haven’t posted in a while. have been super busy organizing the press for the WILLITS + SAKAMOTO cd which will go on sale in the 12k online shop next week.

additionally Other Music (NYC) will be having an exclusive DIGITAL sale of this release starting in February (tomorrow). it will be available for download at Other Music a month+ before iTunes or any other online service.

news about that tomorrow when it hits.

in other news: the new LINE release WILLIAM BASINSKI + RICHARD CHARTIER is about ready to hit the 12k shop as well as the new 12k Ltd. release SOLO ANDATA + SEAWORTHY + TAYLOR DEUPREE “LIVE IN MELBOURNE”, a strictly limited release of 500 copies.
more news later.


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Old friends Willits and Pagano join forces again to create a lush audiovisual environment.
2 live shows

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23rd – Canton NY. , St. Lawrence University.
SATURDAY, JANUARY 26th – Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY. , Monkeytown
Admission: $10, $10 minimum
TWO Showtimes: 7:30 and 10pm
reservations are recommended !
“These two California-ites performed at the original Monkey Town before we went legit. It was an inspired and rousing show and this one will be too.”
Monkeytown :
58 N 3rd St (btw Wythe & Kent) Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Subway: L Train > (Bedford stop). phone/reservations : 718.384.1369
Artist info :
Christopher Willits – http://christopherwillits.com
Scott Pagano – http://www.neither-field.com/

REVIEW OF TERM.18 January 15, 2008

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A piece full of hope: Shows the quasi-equality between improvisation and spontaneous composition.
While Taylor Deupree is openly debating closing Term down in a bid to fight the gradual devaluation of music because of its widespread free availability, the music on 12K’s online sister label is making that possible closure seem increasingly like a swod of Damocles. “November 9, 2007” (take a wild guess at the title’s meaning!) is yet another tactile live document and follows in the footsteps of Steve Roden’s more withdrawn but equally adrenalin-driven “Amnesia”.

On the other hand, it is easy to understand Deupree’s frustration. “November 9,.2007” may be a concert registration with all the rough edges and tiny production-blemishes that come with a direct-to-DAT performance.  Its lineup and musical content should easily justify a visit to your local independent record store however, featuring a stage collaboration between Richard Chartier and two major talents of Japan’s bustling soundart scene: Sawako and Shinjiro Yamaguchi.

This pairing already makes for a great combination on paper, the spatial explorations of Chartier meeting the emotional landscapes of Sawako and the Post-Post-Rock fantasies of Yamaguchi. As their synergetic rumblings unfold, however, the trio reaches a plateau of common understanding that is much more than a head-on collision of their indivisual styles.

From a glistening and rustling, lighfilled and open introduction full of processed field recordings in search of harmonic direction, a warm and shining drone rises to the fore like the sun at dawn, while more and more bleeping and whispering noises winkingly awaken from their slumber. As the drone subsides, the darker side takes over again, as the piece enters a cavernous bassin of muffled cries and muted screams, before finally coming to peace again in the final minutes, as the soft cloud of overtones returns and brings things to a consoling climax.

Recorded at the Atlantic Waves Festival in London, this is a pure improvisational piece, yet it shows that  the latter term has always been a quasi-equivalent spontaneous composition. It is as if Chartier, Sawako and Yamaguchi had agreed to a wordless concept at the outset, related to portraying various moods within the cycle of a single day. There is a distinct sensation of development, the feeling that one has lived through a particular episode with the musicians, before dusk hits the land and the moon lights up the night sky. 

With its fairy-tale ambiance and its surprising happy end, “November 9, 2007” is a piece full of hope, which sticks out from the sombre, clinically abstract or formulaic emmissions of some of its colleagues. Whether or not one should pay to listen to it, is a complex question, which can not be answered within the limited space of a review. But one should never take a release like this for granted. As long as Term is still out there, treat this little treasure by Chartier, Sawako and  Shinjiro Yamaguchi as what it really is: A present.By Tobias Fischer



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dscf0559.jpg     grabbed from THIS site. 


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our beloved Boomkat has been singing the praises for Autistici this week…. they’re out of stock already, but hopefully not for long.. read on…

pursuing the mellifluous electroacoustic explorations that have characterised 12k’s recent run (particularly the releases by Giuseppe Ielasi and Jodi Cave), Autistici take sounds from instrumental and concrete sources, warping them into a beautifully organic whole, bristling with a vigorously abstract intensity whilst referencing an accessible harmonic awareness at every turn. From the deeply resonant, microsonic drones of ‘9V Tree Battery’ to the very literally titled ‘Broken Guitar, Discarded Violin’ a great breadth of material is covered over the course of this album, with the latter stages dabbling with some subtle beat constructions (as on the ear-tickling, playful glitches of ‘Attaching Softness To A Shell [C]’) and an acousmatic dissection of snoring (on ‘From A False Memory’) which is slightly horrifying but constitutes another finely spun piece of sound design. As an accompaniment to the audio, label boss Taylor Deupree has contributed an eight-page booklet of photography, which nicely taps into some of the imagery suggested by the music. Lovely.   

12K FOR SALE: $60 ! January 6, 2008

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hahaha.. i just had to share this email i got today. not sure if it was spam or a legitimate request, either way, it’s pretty funny. i think 12k is worth at least $60.. no? may be enough to retire on! 



I am interested in purchasing 12K.com.  I would like to offer $60 to buy this internet address.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Thanks.


-Mike “


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earlabs.com has posted an interview with Autistici.
you can access it on the earlabssite here: http://www.earlabs.org/RSS/text.asp?textID=54    

THE LAST SONG OF 2007: Untitled_1231 January 1, 2008

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today, on the last day of 2007, i decided to spend no more than one hour creating a short piece of music, as a final farewell to the year. the piece, “untitled_1231” was created with a small wooden xylophone, given to me as a christmas present from Keiichi Sugimoto (Fourcolor) and Sanae Yamasaki (Moskitoo), a small tone bell, and a single synthesizer patch. it was created and recorded live in about 15 minutes and i spent another 40 minutes or so on the mixing and production. it was a spontaneous piece, a simple thought, dedicated to a close friend of mine whose very difficult 2007 will be a very positive 2008…

“untitled_1231” is available as a 320kbps MP3. it is 2 minutes in length.