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Jodi Cave “For Myria” – The Wire review August 30, 2007

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The Wire 09/07

This is the second album by Sheffield’s Jodi Cave and it’s an unassuming, sweetly desultory collection of pieces, in which field recordings and natural instruments are threaded together by computer processing. Cave started life as a clarinettist and he plays that instrument, plus harmonium and guitar alongside various close-miked objects, which could be marbles, stones, or bits of flint, pottering around in the mix. In its inconsequential absorption, it suggests a man engrossed in some hobby of a late afternoon as the light fades, whittling, rattling, sharpening and polishing various cherished bits and bobs on a workshop in a shed. There’s a sense that, rather than create some ridigly girded technological structure in which to house all of these objects and elements, he’s let them roll around as they please, finding their own place and direction. The Myria of the title, it seems, is not a female – Cave gives the air of being far too preoccupied with music to have time for that sort of thing – but a vague intimation of the colour yellow. – David Stubbs


Objects from the Archives: 01 August 26, 2007

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12k 2007 - superdeluxe, tokyo

i thought i’d delve into the box i call “the 12k museum” and find cool old flyers and random stuff from the past, and then scan and share it here.

the first object is not very old, but just arrived in the mail last week. it’s a flyer for the Tokyo show of the recent 12k/christopher willits tour in Japan. the flyer, beautifully designed by Keiichi Sugimoto (fourcolor/cubic music/minamo), features the 4 performers of the night, all 12k (+ Happy) artists: christopher willits, moskitoo, fourcolor, and gutevolk.

wish i could have been there!


Electrofringe Festival – Australia August 24, 2007

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a couple of 12k artists performing at the ELECTROFRINGE FESTIVAL in Australia.. along with a bunch of other great acts…

Tim Hecker (Canada)
Darrin Verhagen
Leafcutter John (UK)
Sebastien Roux (France)
Jason Kahn (USA) & Ralph Steinbruchel (CH)
Machina Aux Rock
Robin Fox
Jim Denley & Peter Blamey
Heil Spirits

“This Is Not Art”
Saturday 29 September
Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, Australia

Giuseppe Ielasi MP3 previews now online August 19, 2007

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i’ve uploaded 3 MP3 previews of the forthcoming 12k cd by Giuseppe Ielasi, “August”, on the release web page:


we’re closing in a week, or a week, so shipping is expected to start at the beginning of september.

Spekk cds now available in 12k’s online shop August 10, 2007

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12k is happy to partner with Tokyo label SPEKK in order to help them distribute their wonderful cds here in America. I am now carrying all available Spekk titles in 12k’s online shop in the OTHER LABELS section. CD prices are higher than 12k titles simply because of the high cost of import. however, the music is wonderful and hard to find.. so very worth it!

these are the titles available:

KK011 Hau – Opitope
KK010 Mist on the Window – Ken Ikeda
KK009 The Garden of Forking Paths – Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
KK008 Jewelt Galaxies / Spirit Shambles – The Alps
KK005 Small Melodies – V.A
KK004 Enzo/Further – Boca Raton


NEW ON TERM.: PE LANG “SHELLAC” (MP3 31:32) August 3, 2007

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12k’s term. series of free MP3 downloads presents:



written and produced by pe lang. July 2007.

for rachel