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the 12k archives July 27, 2007

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.aiff - thesecretnumbertwelve - 12k000-12k1006
“.aiff”.. “thesecretnumbertwelve”…. box of 12k1000-12k1006

whenever a new 12k (LINE, Happy) release comes out, i put a few away for safe keeping. today i realized the archive cabinet was getting out of hand, so i’m organizing it all… and stumbled across quite a bit of nostalgia from the last 10 years… i’ve got multiple copies of most 12k releases.. from the very first “thesecretnumbertwelve”… fun to see all of this stuff.. and how 10 years of really hard work boils down to a floor full of cds. one day, perhaps there will be an auction consisting of 1 of each of every title released….

for now, here are some photos….

box of early stuff again

sogar + others

“stil.”.. “occur”… “e.a.d.g.b.e”….. +

the lot…



1. ACRMCR07 - July 27, 2007

Hi Taylor

Are you considering re-releasing ‘.aiff’ and ‘Various’ compilations in your new ’12k2…’ series ?
Or via iTunes ?


2. 12k - July 27, 2007

the first 10 12k cds (12k1000-12k1009) will never be reissued on cd. most of them have been available via iTunes… the compilations have not because of difficulties contacting some of the artists involved….

3. ACRMCR07 - July 27, 2007

Thanks Taylor.
I guessed it was the main reason why …
Have a nice week end !


4. ACRMCR07 - July 27, 2007

Thanks Taylor.
I suspected it was the main reason why compilations never appeared …
So I suppose I’ll have to sell my poor old car to bid on ‘.aiff’ !
Have a nice week end.


5. beadabundant - August 31, 2007

i love listening to thesecretnumbertwelve and the other old stuff i’ve got of yours. and… wow… that’s the most clutter i’ve ever seen in your place. ha ha.

6. 12k - August 31, 2007

trust me.. didn’t stay that cluttered for too long… everything was organized in chronological order and put into labeled boxes! 🙂

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