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Review of “Landing” July 19, 2007

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from heathenharvest.com

Imagine that Brian Eno’s been commissioned to re-write the backing track to one of Sigur Ros’ slower songs into an ambient soundscape. Then imagine that Spiritualized’s Jason Spaceman has come around to complain about the noise and asks if the music can be turned down a bit. If you can somehow imagine that then you’ll have something slightly more up-beat than Taylor Deupree’s “Landing” EP.

With three tracks spread over 19 minutes, this enigmatic little disc takes us into some delightfully sparse arenas but, like walking on the edge of a glacier, it’s the silence that seems to matter most. Low, throbbing drones and single-note guitar phrases float in an aura of massiveness that is only intensified by their transience. For the brief duration of this CD it takes over your awareness and leads you into a state of aural white-out that is somehow, for all its delicacy, more extreme than even the harshness noise recording. The supremely minimalist clam-shell/single sheet packaging simply adds to this sense of absolute otherness.

As a reviewer it sometimes seems that records like this, skirting so very close to perfection in what they’re trying to achieve, are almost a personal affront. You’re reduced to scrabbling for superlatives and adjectives when none really suffice. All that really needs to be said is that you should get this record…if you can. One of the few pieces of information that can be gathered about this CD is that it’s a limited edition release to support an Australian tour so it may not be widely available, which is an absolute shame.



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