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12k t-shirts now available in online shop June 25, 2007

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the shirts are now available in the online shop. pricing is as follows:

USA: $20

unfortunately, it costs $8.80 to mail one shirt overseas! this is killer… and that’s before i add on the cost of the box, and the costs of my postage rental system. i apologize for the slightly higher cost on the shirts this time around… but hopefully you’ll find them worth it… they are, after all, designed by the stunning talents of Fehler, who did a shockingly simple, but effective remix of the 12k logo.

shirts are on a first-come-first-serve basis and many of them are going to get shipped to japan to our distributor there. but i will make more if we run out.




1. branko braum - June 26, 2007

nice, looking forward to see other designers work too
Have one question thou, will 12k logos be printed at the back top by default, or that’s part of the design too?

2. 12k - June 26, 2007

i think the 12k logos and design credit will always be on the back… but, as this is the first shirt, and there are no specific plans yet.. it’s not certain.

however, because some of the designs may be abstract, it’s important to me that the 12k logo is on there somewhere..

for consistency sake, i am going to try to keep the small logo in the same place each time.

3. branko braum - June 27, 2007

understandable, and sleeve came to my mind too 🙂
btw, do i really have to be logged in to post? i’m not a regular wordpress poster so..

4. 12k - June 27, 2007

not sure about the logging in thing…

but, yeah, i’m sure the 12k logo could appear on the sleeve, or bottom somewhere… it will be discussed each time with the designer…

up next is probably Steinbruchel…. that ought to be fantastic!

5. steinbruchel - June 27, 2007

yeah, yeah… just pile up some more pressure and expecations. i can take it 😉

6. warpten - June 29, 2007

you have to be logged in to post, but i don’t think that apply to everybody 😦
One vote for sleeve..

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