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EXTRACT now available at 12k’s online shop June 18, 2007

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NVO’s impressive 96 page, 2 X CD hardcover book “EXTRACT” is now available in 12k’s online shop.

$40 (USA)

www.12k.com/shop (OTHER LABELS section)

artists: 22 various artists
title: extract – portraits of soundartists
cat#: nvo_o11
format: book (hardcover, 96 pages) + 2 cds
release date: may 07
limited edition: 500

cd 1
01 Keith Berry | Finger Pointing At The Moon | 6’00
02 Richard Chartier | A Field For Recordings 2 | 8’43
03 Taylor Deupree | Live In Osaka | 6’00
04 Heribert Friedl | nbvto | 5’52
05 Richard Garet | Précis | 6’00
06 Andy Graydon | Microclimates For Paliku | 5’57
07 Bernhard Günter | Listen to what you see (audio
— sample of location of all Koblenz photos) | 6’00
08 John Hudak | Radio | 6’00
09 I8U | Steganography | 4’22
10 Dean King | In Absentia | 5’53
11 Dale Lloyd | Provisional | 4’06

cd 2
01 Roel Meelkop 1 | (hole in a heap) | 5’30
02 Will Montgomery | Split Chance | 5’55
03 Tomas Philips | Each More Melodious Note | 6’01
04 Steve Roden | air into form/voice into breath | 6’49
05 Jos Smolders | Aiolos (Vangsaa Interior) | 6’00
06 Steinbrüchel | Parallel | 7’02
07 Nao Sugimoto (mondii) | Nature Out | 5’33
08 Asmus Tietchens | Vierte Beisetzung in Wien | 4’37
09 Toshiya Tsunoda | Scenery of vibration/Listening
— to the reflection of points (@Westspace) | 5’36
10 Ubeboet | Lux Vivens | 3’43
11 Michael Vorfeld | Geste | 5’29

Since we started the label Nonvisualobjects two years ago, many collaborations with artists worldwide have arisen, a large, growing network has evolved and an extensive body of work has been formed that we would like to explore and try to sum up. The book developed from the idea of presenting an extract of artists involved in the current experimental electro-acoustic music scene, often following a rather reduced approach in their work. We would like to present artists that work in different areas in this field of electroacoustic music, to cover a large spectrum even in this quite specific area.

With essays, interviews, photos, drawings and other materials presented in this book, we try to look at the motivation and intention behind the sound production from different perspectives, to possibly allow for a new/extended approach to this form of music.

Many of the artists involved in this project do not exclusively work with sound, but also in other artistic disciplines. In this book we would like to present these other sides of their work to allow crossreferences/crosslinks to open up new aspects of the music.

EXTRACT contains interviews, essays, photos, drawings and 22 tracks by: Keith Berry, Richard Chartier, Taylor Deupree, Heribert Friedl, Richard Garet, Andy Graydon, Bernhard Günter, John Hudak, I8U, Dean King, Dale Lloyd, Roel Meelkop, Will Montgomery, Tomas Philips, Steve Roden, Jos Smolders, Steinbrüchel, Nao Sugimoto (aka mondii), Asmus Tietchens, Toshiya Tsunoda, Ubeboet and Michael Vorfeld



1. fac321 - June 19, 2007

Hi Taylor

Got my copy last week and couldn’t wait to share my enthusiasm on the Forum !
Really really nice (Non Visual) OBJECT …
The varnished work on the cover is great too.
Does remind me of the ‘En/Of 001 – 030’ exhibition catalogue published by Jorg Heiser and German Revolver publisher in conjunction with the MKK in 2005 …
Though the ‘concept’ would be closer to the Rune Grammofon’s ‘Money Will Ruin Everything’ designed by Kim Hiorthöy.

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