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new 12k tshirts are in production June 9, 2007

Posted by taylor in Uncategorized.

happy to report that the new 12k shirts are finally in production. however, they are a LOT more expensive than i thought they would be. over twice as much. this has to do with the fact that i’m using American Apparel shirts this time around and also it is a 2-color/2-sided shirt.

in the past 12k shirts have sold for $15 usa and because it costs over $7 just to ship one shirt to europe, overseas prices were $20 or more. this time around i suspect prices will be a couple of $$ higher.

the shirts should be ready in a couple of weeks.



1. japanese forms - June 12, 2007

Hey, Taylor – they’re still pretty cheap even with a high shipping price compared to buying an ordinary American Apparel T-shirt over here in Europe – Anyway, with the Euro so high compared to the $ us Europeans are getting a bargain.

2. 12k - June 12, 2007

happy to hear that the price seems fair for those overseas…

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