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after the summer.. what’s next… June 5, 2007

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just a quick one here… as i finished listening to the next 12k cd in the works.. an absolute stunner from Giuseppe Ielasi. i’m very honored to be able to release something by him as i’ve been a big fan of everything he’s released so far. his new cd is complete and in my hands now. the artwork and such will be completed in the next couple of weeks and then off to manufacturing.

after a short summer break, this one will be available (as 12k1044) in early september.

following Giuseppe’s release will be a very delicate and beautiful release from Autistici, who you have heard on the BLUEPRINTS compilation. this cd really spans a variety of sound sources and techniques.. very nice.

besides those 2 are two more coming on 12k limited series.. trying to just sort out release times becuase they both feature me.. i think i’ve mentioned them both before.. one is called “live in melbourne” and has live recordings from Solo Andata, Seaworthy, and myself.. and the 2nd cd is a very interesting (some will find quite surprising!) 4-track cd by myself with Savvas Ysatis… many of you know my work with savvas over the years and this is our first collaboration in 10 years (!).

enjoy your evening…



1. elevatorium - June 7, 2007


I wonder if you could provide a little insight to the sound of that 4-track CD with you and Savvas, as in oldschool or new sounds? 😡

2. 12k - June 7, 2007

sure will..

it’s NOT old school at all.. it’s pretty unique, actually…

there are 4 tracks.. all quite different from one another.. ranging from 12k-esque manipulated acoustics…. to ambient music with vocals… to the last track.. which is the surprise…! and will be loved by some, maybe confuse others…. or not…? 🙂

the recording techniques that went into this EP were very special and played a huge part in the making of the album.

that will all be written up when the press release is out…

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