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the Jodi Cave summer sale June 1, 2007

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the Jodi Cave cd is here! and will start shipping out on monday. I’m going to run a little sale as a summer treat.. and here it is:


1. Buy the Jodi Cave cd plus one additional cd and get another 12k or LINE cd for free!
2. the following CDs are eligible as free cds:

12k1023 – Doron Sadja
12k1024 – Kenneth Kirschner
12k1026 – Two Point Two
12k1027 – Motion
12k1030 – Shuttle358
12k1032 – Deupree/Kirschner
12k2033 – Bretschneider/Steinbruchel
12k1034 – Antti Rannisto
12k1036 – Sebastien Roux
12k1038 – Fourcolor
12k1039 – Blueprints
12k1040 – Seaworthy
12k1041 – Moskitoo

12k2005- Shuttle358

LINE003 – Miki Yui
LINE009 – Bernhard Gunter
LINE010 – Roel Meelkop
LINE011 – Clean
LINE014 – Skoltz Kolgen
LINE015- Miki Yui
LINE018 – Richard Chartier
LINE021 – Vend
LINE023 – Chessmachine
LINE026 – Alva Noto
LINE027 – Chartier/Deupree
LINE028 – Steinbruchel
LINE029 – Tomas Phillips

HAP001- Piana
HAP002- Gutevolk

2.5. repeat: the above cds are the only titles available for free

4. to get your free CD, please let us know which one you want in the COMMENTS field of your PayPal check out page! no comment = no free cd!

enjoy the summer, listen to great music!



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