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soon: 12k remix T #1 May 18, 2007

Posted by taylor in Uncategorized.


a series of t-shirts where i ask a graphic designer to remix the 12k logo.

the first shirt if by Fallt designers Fehler and is printed on 100% American Apparel t-shirt (color: asphalt).

available some time in June. most shirts will be size M and L, with lesser quantities of S and XL. if you have any special requests, or want one of the limited girl spaghetti-strap Ts, please email me or leave a comment here.



1. steinbruchel - May 18, 2007

hi taylor
excellent! i’d like one (maybe two 🙂 in size XL. just thought i’d let you know so you manufacture enough extra large sizes.

really love the idea of the t-remix… (but you already know that).

best wishes,

2. uberjapforms - May 19, 2007

Hey, Taylor,
ÜberT-shirt! I must have one! XL, please.
one2zero / japanese forms


3. 12k - May 19, 2007

hi everyone

whether or not i reply to you individually, i am noting people’s requests… it seems like i will make a few more XLs this time to make sure there are enough to go around..

however, please remember, QUANTITIES WILL BE LIMITED and i can’t guarantee everyone will have access to the size they want! i can’t predict everyone’s desires..

4. elevatorium - June 7, 2007

Hot idea!
I’ll take one, please!

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