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Taylor Deupree “Landing” now available in 12k’s shop May 2, 2007

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my ROOM40 cd-EP “Landing” is now available in 12k’s online shop. you can find it in the OTHER LABELS section down near the bottom.

more info on LANDING can be found here via Room40.

BOOMKAT had this to say about it:
Well where the hell did this one come from? This brand new mini-album (20 minutes long) from 12k founder and general purveyor of totally awesome music Taylor Deupree has dropped another audio bomb on us, the unsuspecting masses and yet again I’m left reeling. A successor to the wonderful ‘Northern’ and continuing Taylor’s drifting exploration into beautiful melodic and harmonic structures; this further builds on his previous work and incorporates yet more elements into his now patented synthesized drone-work. There’s guitar in there, elements of what sounds like cheap Casio keyboards, atmospheric sound… really over the many years Taylor has been producing this is the first time when those rough edges have truly been smoothed away to reveal something shockingly beautiful and warming to the core. This is still droning avant-garde ambience, there’s no doubt about that, but what was once confined to the world of the academic, an unblinking land of grey and back-biting pseuds is now open for all to get involved, for all to fall in love with and for all to embrace with open arms. This is also in some way indicative of the way the 12k label is going, although it’s always been one of the finest labels of its kind we’re now seeing their outlook reach much further than it used to taking elements of pop, post rock and indie music into the fold, something I have to say I couldn’t have predicted back in the days when I was chasing Sogar cds. A definitive statement in the genre this isn’t only the best thing I’ve heard from Taylor since ‘Stil’ (my favourite of all his released material) but is also the best thing I’ve managed to grab from the lovely Room 40 label. You’ve probably anticipated this one – ‘Landing’ is an Australian tour only CD and will not be repressed, it’s limited to 500 copies and we have a handful… please be quick to avoid disappointment! Stunning.



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