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australian wrap-up April 19, 2007

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last week in australia was fantastic. a bit short, of course, but definitely a positive experience. thank you to lawrence english, matt roesner, and simon hampson for organizing and promoting the shows. i’m happy (as is lawrence) to say that the brisbane concert sold out, but we also had the opportunity to allow 40+ more people through the doors so no one missed it. it was a fantastic room with great areas to relax and lay down. my kind of venue. the highlight in perth, besides the friendly people and great sound guys, was probably the sound system.. so nice in the university concert hall. i was only there overnight so i really saw nothing of the city.. shame. and in melbourne it was my great pleasure to finally meet cameron webb from Seaworthy and to hear, for the first time, australian artist Solo Andata. it looks like 12k may be releasing a limited CD with live performances from melbourne by myself, seaworthy, and solo andata… music that night was fantastic.

thank you to all of the listeners who came out and supported the shows, bought cds, and enjoyed the music. i only wish i had more time to explore the country although lawrence and i managed to spend some time in the forests listening to the sounds.

my cd on Room40, “Landing” came in from the manufacturer the day after i arrived so lawrence put me to work putting them together. we hope it’s enjoyed … and i will have some shortly to sell in 12k’s online shop.

looking forward to going back…



1. fac321 - April 26, 2007

Hi Taylor

I received your new 3″CD EP yesterday from ROOM40 and it sounds absolutely brilliant to me (in particular the title track).
Another gem in your discography imho and a yet another killer release in the splendid ROOM40 Edition’s Series.
Soft Landing.
Or ‘Soft As Snow But Warm Inside’ to quote My Bloody Valentine …


2. 12k - April 26, 2007

hi chris,

thank you very much.. very happy you are enjoying it…


3. stvnw - April 26, 2007

‘Landing’ get’s album of the week (27 April) on Boomkat: http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=33550

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