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yes, that’s right, MySpace April 5, 2007

Posted by taylor in Uncategorized.

ok.. so it’s done…. many people were wondering why 12k didn’t have a MySpace presence, and i’ll surely get into that below!, however, thanks to the efforts of our resident MySpace expert, richard chartier, who has kindly taken the time to put a 12k + LINE page up, we’re here. and, thank you to everyone who has already become our “Friend”…..

the page will serve as another public billboard, a beacon in the sea of information saturation… another way for adventurous listeners to find out who 12k and LINE is. we are, after all, “just another MySpace label” now! whee!

everyone’s doing it. the bandwagon has been joined. MySpace has become a necessary evil.

the MySpace page is, obviously, not designed to replace our web site or even this blog (which has become quite successful lately, thank you!). my fear of this sort of thing is that people will visit the MySpace page and not our website, which presents our labels the way we want them presented, and that’s very important to us.

MySpace is like high school. it encourages cliques, it’s ugly, full of marketing, it’s chaotic, and worst of all, trendy. none of these things i associate with 12k, which is why i’ve been resisting as long as i can. i’ve received as many “i can’t believe you’re on MySpace” now emails as we have friend requests (ok, it’s an exageration, but the point is made)…

(ok, rant over) phew. 🙂 (that was fun, a much needed load off my chest… let’s hope that it brings the kids our way. after all, it’s a very quick way to hear sound samples from the latest releases and get an overview of what’s happening on both labels at once. please be sure to visit our friends’ pages, as there are a lot of great musicians in that group. And please don’t take this post (too) seriously… i do mean what i say, i’m just not a MySpace type of person, but despite what how i feel, MySpace has proven itself to be a great source for discovery and exposure.

so… here we are. don’t hate me for it.

oh, i almost forgot: www.myspace.com/12kline



1. visionandhearing - April 6, 2007

I know what you mean. Myspace is one of those weird things… everyone hates it but uses it anyway. The way i see it is the more people that get the chance to hear good music, the better.
Have you checked out Virb.com? it’s like myspace but less commercial (for now), the music player sounds better and is way better looking. aesthetics are important to me and i was very happy to see an alternative that you can customize with CSS.
( here’s mine… http://virb.com/unrecnow)

2. sawako - April 6, 2007

i don’t like mySpace very much, too, although it may seem i am mySpace active. . . . . : )

but at the same time, it is true that i met many great artist there (like RF, Touch artist jacob kirkegarrd, heller etc…) and more and more people introduced themselves as they knew about my music because of mySpace when I played in the shows.

it works for me in positive way so far.

3. bkimball - April 7, 2007

It’s fine to use MySpace for the aforementioned reasons Taylor gave, but I agree that it really shouldn’t be replacing artists or especially labels.

4. bkimball - April 7, 2007

I meant artists or especially labels WEBSITES. Sorry about that.

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