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tuesday musings February 13, 2007

Posted by taylor in Uncategorized.


a cold tuesday here in new york.. preparing for a big storm of snow and ice tonight (camera is ready)… i have updated some of the press pages today with the latest reviews for Sebastien Roux, Fourcolor, Seaworthy, and Blueprints.

also, a few people have pointed out a bit of comedy on Discogs.com, a popular cd/vinyl buy/sell service… there is a copy of the first 12k cd, Human Mesh Dance “thesecretnumbertwelve” available for the low low price of $450. i can’t help but to laugh (and i suppose be partially flattered)…

on another note, orders are starting to go out for the latest releases and all orders taken over the weekend should be out by tomorrow.

that’s all for now….



1. dustoff - February 23, 2007

Hi Taylor,

I am smiling too. That my listing should make the news!
Pointed out to me by someone in Belgium no less.

$450 seems to have been a little over eager.
Today 001 of 500 could be yours for the tidy sum of $350.

When I listed the cd discogs there was another copy for $250.
Now it’s gone. It seems to have been sold!

It would be fun for the cd to find a happy home compared to the dusty shelf of a ‘Pawn shop’ in Montreal were it was found. Exactly how the first copy ended up there
is a wonder.


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