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moskitoo remix single available February 28, 2007

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we just got the shipment of Moskitoo Remix singles in today… so we’ll begin packaging them up and shipping out the free copies to those who qualified for them.

i leave for Barcelona tomorrow afternoon for the Festival Digressions for a Post_Piano live show with Kenneth Kirschner. should be a good time… i will try to get as many Moskitoo singles mailed as i can, but more than likely the bulk of them will go out next week.

also, next week, i will add the single to the online shop so those who wish to purchase it can.


moskitoo artist profile online February 27, 2007

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i have updated the 12k ARTISTS section today with the profile of Moskitoo. please be sure to check out all of the other artist’s profiles if you haven’t done so already!

i’m leaving thursday for Barcelona to perform Post_Piano with Kenneth Kirschner at the Festival Digressions. it should be quite an amazing festival. please stop by and say hello if you’re in the city. apologies in advance for any orders that go out late, however, i should get everything out this week that’s already been ordered. i’ll just be a little slow from thursday-monday since i’ll be in spain.

just friday February 23, 2007

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finally got all shipments out for the new 12k releases and have put into production the upcoming LINE DVD…. and finalizing the art and master for 12k’s next release, which is from Pjusk.

hard at work trying to finish up a CD-EP for my australian tour, to come out on Room40… been working on that for the past 2 days. above pic is a screenshot from my session.

tuesday musings February 13, 2007

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a cold tuesday here in new york.. preparing for a big storm of snow and ice tonight (camera is ready)… i have updated some of the press pages today with the latest reviews for Sebastien Roux, Fourcolor, Seaworthy, and Blueprints.

also, a few people have pointed out a bit of comedy on Discogs.com, a popular cd/vinyl buy/sell service… there is a copy of the first 12k cd, Human Mesh Dance “thesecretnumbertwelve” available for the low low price of $450. i can’t help but to laugh (and i suppose be partially flattered)…

on another note, orders are starting to go out for the latest releases and all orders taken over the weekend should be out by tomorrow.

that’s all for now….

12k catalog available digitally at Boomkat February 13, 2007

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12k is happy to announce another source for our out-of-print releases:

Boomkat (one of 12k’s leading european distributors) is offering a select few labels’ catalogs available for sale via digital download. all songs and albums are encoded as 320kbps MP3 files with no copy protection.

all prices are in UK Pounds and average at £6.99 per album

you can see what Boomkat has to offer here:

Moskitoo remixes cd single giveaway: ended February 11, 2007

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the first 30 copies of MOSKITOO’s “DRAPE” have sold and thus the 30 free CD-singles have been given away.

thank you for everyone for your enthusiastic response….

the single will go on sale on the website shortly..

Moskitoo Remixes cd single giveaway February 9, 2007

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MOSKITOO REMIXES cd single will be given away for free to the first 30 customers who purchase MOSKITOO’S “Drape” CD (12k1041)


01. wham & whammy (frank bretschneider remix)
02. skie (taylor deupree remix)
03. wham & whammy (mark fell remix)
04. wham & whammy (album version)

the remix cd will be available at the end of February, all orders for “DRAPE” placed before then will ship prior to the single, which will ship separately when it’s made available.

the remix cd will also be available for sale in the online shop for those who do not wish to purchase “DRAPE” or purchase “DRAPE” after the free offer is over.

this offer extends backwards to those who purchased “DRAPE” this morning before this announcement was made.

we will only be giving away 30 free copies of the Moskitoo single. no acceptions, first come first serve.

pictures February 9, 2007

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going to try to upload related images with each post here (see Tunng post below)… just to make things a little more interesting….

tunng February 9, 2007

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came across this release on the iTunes store last night… really fantastic, highly recommended:

Tunng “Comments of the Inner Chorus”

sort of like The Books go a little more folk…. basically, a folk-y band not afraid of new technology….

to berlin February 1, 2007

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tomorrow (thursday) i’m off to berlin to meet up with richard (chartier) for our performance of “specification.fifteen” at the transmediale festival. it should be a fantastic festival and will be really nice to be back in berlin.

frank bretschneider is also playing at the festival.

you can get festival info here

within a week or two the new 12k releases will be ready to ship… MOSKITOO “DRAPE” and the re-pressing of SHUTTLE358 “FRAME”….

this spring expect 2 amazing cds from PJUSK and JODI CAVE… Pjusk is up first, the album is done, and it’s quite striking.. .. Jodi’s is almost done…..can’t wait to hear the final.