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happy new year December 31, 2006

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i want to wish you all a happy, peaceful, productive, and creative 2007 and to sincerely thank you all for listening and supporting 12k and our artists for the past 10 years.

happy new year!



christmas eve: song of the day December 24, 2006

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maybe a bit melancholy… but, wow, what a song:


merry xmas.

friday night December 23, 2006

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sorry for the lengthy delay in posting. must be the christmas season. shopping, working, and, fortunately.. writing music and getting new stuff ready for release.

looks like it will be early february… but, the next 12k release is MOSKITOO “DRAPE”… at the new year i’ll make a big announcement and release some info on Moskitoo. i just want to wait for the new year….

there will be a “cd single” for moskitoo released mostly as a promotional item, but some will be for sale. it features remixes from myself, frank bretschneider, and mark fell. should be ready for february as well.

following Moskitoo we’ll see a full length release from Jodi Cave (featured on BLUEPRINTS)… it’s turning out to be an amazing release. jodi’s music, to me, is sort of “definitive 12k”.. he fits right in and does what he does SO well.

in the next days it’s christmas and i work to finish my own Moskitoo remix… just a week away from 12k’s official 10-year anniversary.

oh, and a great new release you should all check out:



and some amazing software that i finally gave time to and ended up purchasing: Way Out Ware’s ARP2600 soft synth… timeWarp 2600. the most analog sounding and behaving software i’ve ever heard. i always wanted an Arp2600.. apparently this is frighteningly close to the real thing. i love it…

a few things for the new year December 7, 2006

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this january marks 12k’s 10-year anniversary and the first releases of the year are going to mark both a continuation of 12k’s signature sound as well as something a bit new. the first 2 releases are going to be cds by Moskitoo and Jodi Cave (featured on Blueprints).

Moskitoo is Sanae Yamasaki from Sapporo, Japan. her music falls halfway between the sound of Happy and 12k… in a lengthy decision, i have decided to release it on 12k which opens up a lot of new possibilities for the label. Moskitoo’s music is at times quirky, experimental, and pop. vocals, beats.. and opens up new avenues for the continous evolution of 12k.

in addition to the cd (titled “Drape”) we will be releasing a limited edition cd-single with 3 remixes of songs from the album. remixers so far include myself, frank bretschneider, and one other (still confirming).

the other new release for the start of the year is from the UK’s Jodi Cave. Jodi is featured on the Blueprints compilation and does, what i consider, the signature “12k sound” with absolute perfection and stunning detail. his cd (as yet untitled) is so expertly crafted with acoustic instruments and electronics.

these 2 new releases define 12k after 10 years… a continued passion for minimalist, digital music and a dedication to constantly shift the sound and explore new territories.