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photos from tokyo November 23, 2006

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friend and artist, Trico! who performed with us at the Ryoudenji Temple in tokyo last month has posted a set of images from the day. some cool images. most of them are of Trico! playing (i believe the photographer came with her for this purpose)..

i need to get my photos up as well…



coming in 2007: “northern” photographic prints November 16, 2006

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early next year i’ll be making available the images from the “Northern” postcard set as photographs printed with archival pigment inks on high quality art paper.

exact sizes and specs and price will be announced closer to release date, but each image will be printed in signed editions of 12 and available individually or as a set of 6.

japan recap: kyoto November 16, 2006

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japan tour recap: kyoto: october 28, saturday.

having spent the only free day of our tour in hiroshima the day before we awoke and sped back to kyoto on the shinkansen. on the train i set up effects and processes for that night’s kyoto show as it was to be the debut live performance of my duo with tetsuro yasunaga. we had practiced a couple of days before in his tokyo flat but i had some refining of my live processes to do.

it was great to arrive in kyoto but sadly did not have time to visit my favorite parts of the city or see any temples as we did last year. this time it was straight from kyoto station to the gig, which was in a fabuous building full of design shops and galleries. we performed in a sparse white room, called Shin-bi. myself and tetsuro, richard, sora, and my good friend Ken’ichi Itoi with his Attic Plan duo (more ambient than his solo material).

richard and i were VERY tired, and richard was starting to get sick. just run down, however, all of the performances were EXCELLENT and tetsuro and i, while nervous about doing our very first duo performance, were quite pleased with the results. we managed to record the show, but a glitch in the recording only allowed us to capture about 20 minutes of it (i think).

when we perform live together tetsuro plays small acoustic instruments… melodica, bells, guitar, glocks, shutri box… while we feed outputs to the room as well as to my computer for processing. the sound was gentle and peaceful.

it was another late night but we still managed to go out to dinner, learn about “nominication” and hang out and be silly and eat some great food. it was great, as always, to see mari-chan, and thank you to her for helping selling the cds at the show.

next time, mari + itoi, i will be in kyoto for longer…

to sleep again at 3am and up early for another 3 hour train ride back to tokyo…

album of the week November 9, 2006

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beautiful new album by Hammock.. “raising your voice… trying to stop an echo”…

new 12k and LINE releases now available November 3, 2006

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i know.. i know… japan recap. i’m finally settled back in and really needed to get the new releases online first… so, here they are.

now available:


and they’re available in the online shop.