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japan tour: day 3 October 27, 2006

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day 3: hiroshima

first blog entry on japan tour here. day 1 and 2 were spent travelling. after a brief stay in tokyo and a great dinner with sweet friends, we headed immediately to hiroshima. was looking forward to seeing this city, and especially the atomic bomb site and museum.

last night was the gig we were very tired and it was a long night, but the performances went well, and a personal highlight for me was the set right before richard’s by Stabilo (who was also the organizer responsible for bringing us here). his set was melodic and gentle, but rhythmic at the same time. very nicely crafted. upon return to our hotel this afternoon we found a nice gift from Stabilo which, in addition to cool japanese toys, had a CD of his. looking forward to hearing it.

richard and i spent the first part of today shopping. hiroshima has a great shopping district, and made greater by the inclusion of my favorite store in the world, Muji. spent quite a bit of money, even had to buy a new bag to carry things home in. some amazing design from muji and from another company called Craft Design Technology.

after shopping and some Udon we went to the Atomic Bomb Dome. incredibly powerful. a standing testament to mankind’s lack of wisdom. seeing the atomic bomb dome ( a single structure which remained standing after the bomb hit) made me really wish that new york city would have kept a part of the world trade center standing as a memorial, instead of builing some glorified nationalistic, patriotic nonsense which will probably go up. there is no better way to show us what our own mistakes are than facing up to them with a real-life reminder.

beautiful night and weather in hiroshima. sat in the park.. then walked around more watched people and lights.

need to rest.. need more Udon, and maybe a beer.

more later.



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