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japan tour recap: soon October 30, 2006

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3am.. Sapporo, Hokkaido.. japan…. i should be asleep….

tomorrow i will go back to new york after a very, very busy week in japan… once i get home and rest (?) i will write recap of the week’s events. my dream of daily posts, sadly, was not possible.

but now, with a little Sugar Plant and/or Brian Eno on the iPod.. i will go to sleep..

goodnight, Hokkaido! ashita –


japan tour: day 3 October 27, 2006

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day 3: hiroshima

first blog entry on japan tour here. day 1 and 2 were spent travelling. after a brief stay in tokyo and a great dinner with sweet friends, we headed immediately to hiroshima. was looking forward to seeing this city, and especially the atomic bomb site and museum.

last night was the gig we were very tired and it was a long night, but the performances went well, and a personal highlight for me was the set right before richard’s by Stabilo (who was also the organizer responsible for bringing us here). his set was melodic and gentle, but rhythmic at the same time. very nicely crafted. upon return to our hotel this afternoon we found a nice gift from Stabilo which, in addition to cool japanese toys, had a CD of his. looking forward to hearing it.

richard and i spent the first part of today shopping. hiroshima has a great shopping district, and made greater by the inclusion of my favorite store in the world, Muji. spent quite a bit of money, even had to buy a new bag to carry things home in. some amazing design from muji and from another company called Craft Design Technology.

after shopping and some Udon we went to the Atomic Bomb Dome. incredibly powerful. a standing testament to mankind’s lack of wisdom. seeing the atomic bomb dome ( a single structure which remained standing after the bomb hit) made me really wish that new york city would have kept a part of the world trade center standing as a memorial, instead of builing some glorified nationalistic, patriotic nonsense which will probably go up. there is no better way to show us what our own mistakes are than facing up to them with a real-life reminder.

beautiful night and weather in hiroshima. sat in the park.. then walked around more watched people and lights.

need to rest.. need more Udon, and maybe a beer.

more later.

japan tour 2006: deupree, chartier, fourcolor, yasunaga, moskitoo October 20, 2006

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next week richard chartier and i head over the pacific to see my wonderful friends in japan for a week-long tour. it’ll be a bit hectic.. as in 6 days we will be visiting and playing in: tokyo, kyoto, hiroshim, and sapporo.

richard and i will be playing all 4 concerts with some local special guests. 2 of the shows we’ll be playing with Fourcolor, and in 2 of the shows i will not be playing solo, but doing a live collaboration with my good friend tetsuro yasunaga (minamo). tetsuro and i have been working on a collaboration project for the last few months (maybe for release on 12k… or another label). these live shows give us another opportunity to record some material. it should be great.

also, in sapporo, we will be joined by Sanae Yamasaki, who goes under the artist name Moskitoo. she is actually producing a cd for 12k for early 2007 release in conjunction with a major 12k-related announcement….

the great people at cubic music have organized this tour for us, and the complete schedule with details can be found on their website:

cubic music 12k tour

needless to say, many great things will come out of this tour.. more friends, great photographs and new musical projects. i hope to be able to post some blog entries while on the tour…

also, on the tour i will be selling my new cd called “1am” .. as i posted before.. it is a short (21:21) and, (for me at least) dense and aggressive piece… a few people have expressed concern that there won’t be any left when i get back.. but, i’m not bringing all of them, so they will appear in the online shop upon my return.

new releases October 18, 2006

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i’ve just received the new 12k cds… BLUEPRINTS and SEAWORTHY.. they look great and sound great.. really excited about these 2.. as i love releasing less-exposed artists…at least one’s who haven’t worked with 12k before.

still waiting for the Tomas Phillips cd on LINE… should be in this week. i’m probably going to wait until i’m back from Japan on the 1st of November to offer the new stuff in the online shop… because if i do it now i won’t be able to fulfill all of the orders on time due to my travels..

a post soon about the forthcoming Japan tour.

interview with taylor deupree October 12, 2006

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an interview posted recently on the website CHAIN DLK with me:


1am October 5, 2006

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as i mentioned a couple of posts ago…. i’ve been working on expanding the last couple of minutes of my show at decibel into a cd. and i’m done….

the result is a 21 minute cd called “1am”. it is based around a field recording of insects outside of my house.. a very loud din, a constant hum and drone of late night bugs. my intentions with the piece was to try something new (for me)… and create a dense wall of sound, intended for very high volume. “1am” is my interpretation of the sound of these insects as if they were amplified 10 times.

the volume and density of the piece is a partial reaction to my disapointment from my Decibel performance so there is a bit more raw energy here than what usually comes across in my releases.

the pieces uses all of the material from my set at Decibel and also is going to be reworked into a shorter piece for a cd for the Audiobulb label called “favorite places.” actually, the piece won’t be reworked, but i’ll be creating a new, shorter piece, inspired by, and using the same field recording.

so… “1am” is a bit different for me, it’s a short experiment. successful? maybe.. maybe not! it is being manufactured right now and wil be released as 12k2004 on the 12k limited series. i will be debuting the cd on my tour of japan this month with richard chartier. copies will be sold at the shows. upon my return remaining copies will be made available through 12k. 500 are being made.