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blueprints August 3, 2006

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in october we’ll be releasing 2 12k cds.. one is a full-length from australian guitar-duo SEAWORTHY (more details on that soon), the other is a compilation called BLUEPRINTS.

Blueprints features 6 artists who have not previously released material on 12k (except for jodi cave’s term. mp3 download). the basic concept for the compilation was to gather artists only from demo submissions and from those who have never been on a 12k cd. the idea initially was to find new artists who haven’t really released anything anywhere, but as it turns out, some of these artists have (eg: Christmas Decorations on Kranky, Leo Abrahams on Bip Hop). regardless, the main concept still stuck and the result is a really nice, varied compilation release introducing some new faces on 12k. the following artists have 2 tracks each on the compilation and it will be out in october:

london-based guitarist who has collaborated with artists such as brian eno, paul simon and ed harcourt.

a trio from australia using mostly acoustic instruments and recording to 4-track cassette. warm, nearly indie-sounding mellow pop.

duo from brooklyn. noisey, melodic, organic, distorted…

from norway. deep, sometimes dark, spacious sounds.

from the UK, autistici is a true microsound artist with precise and delicate tones.

also from the UK, warm and fractured melodic scapes.

– – – – – – – –

BLUEPRINTS (12k1039) will be released simultaneously with Seaworthy’s “map in hand” (12k1040) full-length. both will be available in october.



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