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skoltz_line_ysatis May 19, 2006

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boy these blog entries get away from me… sorry.. wish i could be making them more regularly…

let’s see… well, the SKoltz_Kolgen postpiano remix cd is released… it’s really great stuff. ken and i are quite honored that dominique and herman spent such time making the cd…. and, don’t forget to download the term. release of the post piano open remix project… amazing stuff in there.

we’ve got 2 great cds coming on LINE next month… the much anticipated Alva Noto cd “For”…. and mine and richard’s cd for Hiroshi Sugimoto’s “seascapes” photography.. titled, as richard and i have continuously titled our works.. “specification.fifteen”. Both of these cds should be ready to ship next month. it’s actually my first ever work on the Line label.. after al these years…

one more piece of pretty exciting news. some of you may know of Savvas Ysatis.. and artist i did an enormous amount of work with in the early/mid 90s. well, after 7 or 8 years… savvas and i are getting back together and making a new cd. he’ll be here at the studio for 10 days next month… we have some plans of what we’ll be doing, but who knows what will really come out. after all of these years of growth and influences and not working together it’s going to be really unique and special.



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